By stone we mean the natural aggregation of minerals, differentiated from other materials, it is a building rock that cannot be polished; the designs that are formed on this material are due to minerals of different colors, silhouetted against a background color.

It is usually used for street furniture and flooring thanks to its characteristics of high hardness and resistance and its vast diversity of colors (from gray to silver and from red to white), nevertheless stone has all the qualities needed to create environments. safe, pleasant and functional. Friend of every designer, simple to clean and easy to work with, stone is the solution for anyone who feels the need for a product capable of offering elegance and quality.
Able to convey (thanks to touch and sight) a particular sensation of naturalness, stone gives a decidedly particular touch to any environment.

characteristics of the stone

The stones are classified into three large groups: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic (based on their geological formation).

Unlike other building materials, in the event that there was a problem of water infiltration, the stone would not fear and would not generate any kind of difficulty: natural stone is not affected by rain, humidity, hail, ice. , wind and snow (as well as being indifferent to mold and insect attacks).
This type of material is very resistant even to large loads and is not subject to deformations or cracks (usually due to rising damp).

processing and use

To date, stone coatings are particularly used for the creation of internal and external surfaces, thanks to the peculiar artistic and technical characteristics that this material possesses.
In addition to the excellent aesthetics of the stone, making it one of the most sought-after materials on the market is the guarantee of a great yield in the detailed and customizable decorations and the ability to withstand very heavy loads.

Bush hammering, sandblasting and flaming are the main processes capable of conferring the different characteristics of the stone.

Among the merits of stone, the most important is the touch: when you touch you can feel nature even inside the house; with regard to the laying of the material, it is certainly not more complex than traditional coatings, it can be done with a simple and cheap DIY or with the help of an expert (one of the most appreciable things is the ease of cleaning that characterize this type coating).

This material is also particularly suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its high resistance and the fact that it can be found in several different cuts according to needs (from slabs to cover large surfaces to the cobblestone shape ideal for avenues).

The charm of stone inside the home is undeniable, able to create a combination of a warm and lively atmosphere and an extremely modern look.

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