Composed almost entirely of quartz, quartzite is a type of non-foliated metamorphic rock, suitable for high temperatures, temperature changes and freezing temperatures.

The quartzite is formed with the metamorphosis of the sandstone while it is below the earth’s crust, these conditions recrystallize the grains of sand and the silica cement that binds them together, forming an agglomerate of quartz grains of amazing resistance.
Quartzite is made one of the most precious natural stones and perfectly suitable for any type of use, thanks above all to the various shades of colors and the crystalline structure that makes it a hard, resistant and durable rock.

Characteristics of quartzite

The content of quartzite on the Mohs scale of hardness is about seven points, its particular hardness makes this stone useful for various processes (including the formation of roofing and tiles for flooring), its various colors give it a large space in the context of the market.

Processing and use

Being a natural stone, quartzite is easily workable by expert marble workers through various types of finishes: brushed, inflamed, antiqued, natural with split sides or sawn sides; thanks to its versatility, it lends itself to indoor and outdoor settings and in rural, rustic and urban contexts.

Enhancing large spaces and thanks to its ease of cleaning, low maintenance costs and its low absorption, it is recommended for use in environments such as the kitchen and bathroom.
Furthermore, since quartzite is very hard and impact resistant, it is also suitable in spaces with intense traffic.

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