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Badini Gaetano is Quarella exclusive agent for the Emilia Romagna region.


Q.R.B.G. S.r.l., an Italian company, is the proud owner of the Quarella brand which has been a leader in the production and marketing of marble and quartz engineered stone since 1965.

Innovators from the beginning, over the years Quarella has developed a technological capacity that makes our products a reference point for the whole market.

In line with the latest design trends we offer a wide range of products, finishes and solutions for numerous applications including flooring, wall cladding, benchtops, interior design solutions and constructive elements.

We are specialized both in large scale project and distribution segments where our extensive worldwide presence, long standing experience and dedicated technical support make us market leaders.

For more than fifty years now, we have with great passion brought Engineered Stone with Italian design and manufacturing quality to a worldwide market creating contemporary “Italian lifestyle” surfaces of great charm and elegance.

Making full use of our experience and expertise, transforming hard work, competence and design talent into new trend setting concepts.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions through a wide range of aesthetically, technically and economically superior products for flooring, cladding and interior design elements servicing the Building Industry as well as leading Architects and Interior Designers.

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