Forest Brown Stone

Name: Forest Brown.

This material surprises and intrigues its observer, its branched and serpentine veins make it unique in its kind. Although it is an “effect” stone, it can be placed well, without being overwhelming, in contemporary furnishings.

Generally light brown in color with chestnut veins, it can also be found in shades of green, where it takes the name of Forest Green.
The brushed finish highlights the hardest parts of the stone, enhancing its material character.

It is mainly used for kitchen tops, tables, bathroom and facade cladding, fireplaces etc. It is mainly used indoors, * outdoors only in well-sheltered areas.

technical features

colorlight brown with chestnut veins, or green with darker veins almost ultramarine
typologylimestone (serpentite)
useIndoor / outdoor*
finishespolished, honed, brushed

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