Granite is a natural stone, formed following the cooling of magma (i.e. a rock of volcanic origin).

Its technical name is intrusive igneous rock.
The name describes its characteristic structure composed of large or medium-sized grains due to the long process of solidification and transformation; this long process has made stone a hard material with extraordinary resistance.
The presence of quartz and other materials determine its particular coloring, thanks to its particular brilliance and its characteristic hardness, granite meets many aesthetic tastes.

characteristics of granite

The fundamental materials present in granite are alkaline feldspar, non-albitic plagioclase and micas; in addition to these, there are also others, but in much smaller quantities: such as garnet, apatite, titanite, zircon, allanite, magnetite and cordierite.

According to the Moss scale (used to determine the hardness of materials), granite has earned the second place, just after the diamond, although once this characteristic was a cause for concern and impediments, today thanks to the use of modern machinery has become its distinctive feature.

processing and use

Sandblasted granite: it is characterized by a rough and non-slip surface, to obtain a smoother surface you can proceed with brushing
Diamond-cut granite is the result of block cuts: it is obtained through an initial rough finish that will result in a fairly smooth surface.

Granite can be polished to obtain a non-shiny surface, but smooth to the touch; the polishing can be had later having a mirror effect, with a further processing.

This stone is widely used, especially in recent years, for the construction of ultra-modern homes; it is like a kind of passe-partout in any type of furniture (floors, stairs, skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom cladding, sidewalk curbs, thresholds).

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